Serverless Gems Rate Limits

Serverless Gems is available to try out for free. There are rate limits to the free offerings.

  • Anonymous usage: Rate limit of 15 download requests each day.
  • Free plan: Rate limit of 30 download requests each day for users registered to the free plan.
  • Download requests exceeding these limits will be denied until the next day.
  • Learn more from the blog post: Introducing Serverless Gems

There are also paid plans available. Paid plans offer unlimited downloads on a per-project basis.

Here are the steps you can follow to understand and manage usage for anonymous and free usage:

  • Register for a Serverless Gems account. This provides you access to a dashboard that you can use to check on your current downloads.
  • Monitor your usage and adjust accordingly. When you exceed, you can adjust your process to reduce consumption or upgrade to a Serverless Gems subscription to allow unlimited usage.
  • Upgrade to a paid plan if necessary. One of the key benefits is unlimited download requests from Serverless Gems. You can learn more and upgrade your subscription at the Serverless Gems Pricing page.


Once you register, you can generate an API token and configure your environment with:

jets configure TOKEN

Note: Replace TOKEN with your actual token.