Q: What is Serverless Gems?

A: Serverless Gems is a service that pre-compiles and builds binary gems for the AWS Lambda. It simplifies working with Serverless and AWS Lambda. It seamlessly works with the Ruby on Jets framework.

Q: What ruby versions are supported?

Ruby 2.5 and 2.7 are supported.

Q: How does the anonymous and free plan work?

The anonymous and free plan provides everything you need to download serverless gems, but you are limited in the number of gems you can request to download per day.

  • Anonymous plan: limited to 15 gem download requests each day. This works out to around 3 deploys.
  • Free plan: limited to 30 gem download requests each day. This works out to around 6 deploys.

You can subscribe to a paid plan that best fits your needs. With a paid plan, you’ll get unlimited downloads for each app.

Q: How often are gems built?

A: Once gems have been reported, Serverless Gems will build the gem immediately. Often the gem is available within 10 mins. Afterward, the gem is built twice a day. Note, sometimes a gem may require extra work to be built properly. For these cases, it can take much longer, at least a few days.

Q: How are Serverless Gems tested?

A: A variety of tests are run to verify that the gem has been properly built. The tests depend on the specific gem. For example, for the mysql2 gem, a “clean” AWS Lambda environment is created, a database is started, a ruby client connection is established, and a query is executed.

Q: Is Serverless Gems required to use Jets?

No, you can disable serverlessgems with a config, see the Jets Serverless Gems Docs. Doing so will mean you need to build and manage the Lambda layer.

Q: What version of Jets uses Serverless Gems?

Jets 3 and above uses Serverless Gems.

Q: How come I cannot delete my project from the deployed projects list?

A: To prevent plan abuse, you currently have to wait for a week before you can delete a project.

Q: How do I get a free upgrade for an Open Source Project?

A: Email us at contact@serverlessgems.com. We’ll review the project.